You will often have to provide a bundle of authorities for a moot. In general, a full copy of each authority would have to be produced on which you will rely, in loose-leaf format within a ring binder. You need to make sure to check the specific requirements pertaining to this as sometimes it would not be necessary to provide full authorities if the moot is a short one.

You will need to provide the judge a bundle (one for each judge if you are going to appear in front of a bench) and in most moots you would also have to provide a copy of the bundle for your opponents as well. This will allow both your opponents and judge(s) to follow your argument and for them to assess any cases pertaining to the ones on which you are relying. When referring to your case in your argument and a quote within the case, you need to first direct the judge to the case within the bundle (using the full citation) and then to the quote or passage in question before you start discussing it.

As a rule in general, you would want to make a bundle as clear to navigate as possible. Some prefer to utilize numbered card drivers between cases and then attach lettered or numbered labels on to the relevant quotes with highlights or underlining the relevant passage. Even though you would not clearly highlight quotes and go into as much detail within the real court case bundle, in a moot this is very important. You would not want to give the judge a reason to struggle when following your argument and it would save time if a judge can immediately turn to something that you are relying. This will generally create a good impression to have an easy and clear bundle to navigate.

It would not be wise to simply rely simply on the colors of tabs and dividers within bundles. The reason for this is that it simply does not sound professional. It is also as unlikely that you would never know when a judge or opposing council might be colorblind and hence, would not be able to navigate on the basis of color alone.

It is imperative that you keep a look out on how the judge is navigating through your bundle. If they are having a hard time finding a quote then you would have to assist then and you should wait until they have found the quote before you begin discussing it, unless they indicate otherwise as they would not be listening if they are going through pages instead. For this reason it is recommended for you to have an exact copy of the bundle in front of you. When you label the bundles, you should do them simultaneously so you know each one is exactly the same in labeling. Having an identical bundle for yourself in also imperative in case the judge would like to direct your attention to something within a case that you would have cited.