If you need to create court bundles for family proceedings, this article is for you. Bundlu has everything you need in order to prepare, format and lodge your family law bundle. So, let’s see how it is done.

Paper Bundles or Electronic Court Bundles

One of the best things about Bundlu is that you are not required to choose whether you would like to create an electronic court bundle or a paper based court bundle, you can easily have both. As the software supports cloud based storage, using Bundlu you will have instant access to your documents in the format of your choosing from wherever you are. However, if your court requires bundles to be lodged in paper, that is possible too, all you have to do is print it.

In certain cases, there might be a limit to the number of pages or sheets of A4 to be included in your electronic court bundle or paper bundle. However, with Bundlu, you will not have to physically count pages, the software will do it for you. You will be able to see in an instant as to how many pages are in each section of your court bundle.

Format of the Court Bundle

When referring to the formatting of your court bundle, Bundlu has variety of features that makes it simple and easy to customize your bundle to ensure that it looks the way you would like it. If you are not sure about what needs to be in your bundle, how it needs to be formatted or how it eventually needs to be lodged, be sure to check your courts practice direction. As an example, the www.justice.gov.uk website has practice direction 27A which outlines the requirements of court bundles for family proceedings.

Add documents:
With Bundlu, you will be able to upload all important documents that are relevant to your bundle. There is no limitation and most file types will be supported. This includes word documents, PDF, email, maps, images etc. Also, if your bundle will require your documents to be created in a specific spacing or font, it can be done as well.

Arrange your bundle in order:
You will be able to easily sort your documents in chronological order i.e. according to the time sequence as they occurred. Bundlu will make moving documents simple and it can be done via drag and drop.

Add sections:
Your bundles can be sorted into separate sections and with Bundlu, you can create sections as well as sub-sections according to your needs.

Index your bundle:
Most of your bundle would need an index page that would need to be included in the beginning and list all the items in your bundle. Bundlu will automatically create your index page and is customizable do that it will appear as you want it to.

Paginate your bundle:
As you prepare your bundle, you would need to ensure that it is paginated i.e. all pages are numbered correctly. You will be able to number each page individually and consecutively beginning at page 1. Bundlu will automatically handle the pagination to ensure that your bundle is fully numbered within a few clicks. You will also be able to customize to suit and if changes are required, you can easily re-generate and the page number will automatically be updated.

Lodging the Court Bundle:
An important thing to keep in mind when preparing a court bundle for family proceedings is that it needs to be lodged and submitted to court on time, irrespective of whether you choose to print your bundle and sent it to court via post/courier or provide it electronically. Once again, you should refer to the practice directions and check which methods of delivery are acceptable. Bundlu offers a paperless environment and you can easily share your paginated bundles with third parties.