Definition of Trial Bundle as per is that “All the documents which are brought together for a trial by claimant”. Hence, any document which is referred at trial should be put into paginated trial bundle to be used by the judge, witness part or any other relevant party at the time of hearing.

Importance of Trial Bundles

It’s important for any professional creating a trial bundle, to realize about the very important difference that’s between prepared legal bundles and unprepared legal bundles. A well-prepared trial bundle will be benefit everyone in court, witnesses and other relevant parties specially judge. While unprepared trial bundle could cause criticism from judge, cost implication or even charges and adjournment of case.

As per Judge Paul Waterworth “A trial bundle should be regarded as being as much part of the presentation of the case as what is said in court. Prepare it sloppily and your case may suffer: so, may you, with an unpleasant costs order.”

Purpose of Trial Bundle

Judge Paul Waterworth in article of Law Society Gazette states that “the purpose of a trial bundle is fourfold. For example:

  • To assist judge and parties with pre-trial reading.
  • To enable the hearing proceed smoothly.
  • To put all the important relevant content and materials which could be used as reference for trial or hearing.
  • To provide advocate the best prospect for preparing effectively on the case.

More at Judge Paul Waterworth views on purpose of a trial bundle. Law Society Gazette.